Stream the new EP by mysterious black metal artist Myrkur

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Next week, Relapse Records is releasing the debut EP by mysterious Danish black metal artist Myrkur. She’s a fascinating artist, in that the amount of information that’s been released about her is minimal at best. What we know: It’s a one-woman project, meaning she writes and records everything herself. She’s Danish. And … that’s about it. Which has led to some interesting theories about who she is, which may or may not be true. But it’s very much within black metal’s character to be mysterious and vague and built on myths rather than biographies. This may or may not be of interest to you — the music, however, should be. Myrkur’s new eight-song set is a powerful blend of ethereal atmosphere and raw, lo-fi black metal that comes together surprisingly well. And now, you can stream the EP a week in advance, courtesy of Pitchfork Advance.

Listen to the Myrkur album stream here.

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