Cabaret Voltaire to release new box set

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Cabaret Voltaire - 8385

Sheffield, UK’s pioneering electronic/industrial group Cabaret Voltaire has a long history of experimenting with dance music, electronics and noise, originally cropping up during the age of like-minded acts such as The Normal and Throbbing Gristle, and later taking their sound in a more danceable direction. A new box set on Mute focuses on the mid-’80s period of the band’s evolution, in which their grew less noisy and more beat-heavy.

#8385 (Collected Works 1983 – 1985) features four of the band’s albums — 1983’s The Crackdown, 1984’s Micro-Phonies, and 1985’s Drinking Gasoline and The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord — as well as a disc of 12-inch tracks from the era, and a disc of unreleased tracks titled Earthshaker.

The box also comes with two DVDs, which showcase two of the group’s live performances and video clips of singles from ’83-’85. #8385 (Collected Works 1983 – 1985) will be released on Nov. 4, via Mute.

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