Album of the Week

Every album that’s earned Treble’s coveted Album of the Week designation.

Q and Not U : Power

Bringing new meaning to political party.

Interpol Antics review

Interpol : Antics

The lights have gotten even brighter.

Comets on Fire : Blue Cathedral

The kids of today should defend themselves against the seventies.

Rilo Kiley : More Adventurous

Finally, an indie rock singer that can sing.

Mendoza Line : Fortune

Mendoza Line make perfect Americana album.

The Court and Spark : Witch Season

Sure, you can write a good song, but how are your arrangements?

Jolie Holland : Escondida

Classic American songwriting from this San-Fran-Texan.

Junior Boys : Last Exit

The sound of yesterday…tomorrow!

Fiery Furnaces : Blueberry Boat

Best sophomore album ever. And in record time!

Rogue Wave : Out of the Shadow

This album is so good, we’re not ready to share it.

A.C. Newman : The Slow Wonder

The perfect album, as it turns out, is only 34 minutes long.

Delays : Faded Seaside Glamour

Quite possibly the prettiest debut of the year.

!!! : Louden Up Now

This ain’t no foolin’ around.