Album of the Week

Every album that’s earned Treble’s coveted Album of the Week designation.

Castanets : Cathedral

Will Oldham, you’ve got some competition.

Futureheads : Futureheads

Debut from UK new wavers is totally awesome.

The Dears : No Cities Left

It’s time to sew a maple leaf on the Union Jack.

Elliott Smith : From a Basement on the Hill

Final, mesmerizing album from late singer-songwriter.

Arcade Fire : Funeral

Montreal band’s debut is easily one of the year’s best.

Q and Not U : Power

Bringing new meaning to political party.

Interpol Antics review

Interpol : Antics

The lights have gotten even brighter.

Comets on Fire : Blue Cathedral

The kids of today should defend themselves against the seventies.

Rilo Kiley : More Adventurous

Finally, an indie rock singer that can sing.