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C86 reissue

NME‘s legendary C86 cassette compilation, originally released in 1986, is one of the most influential documents of British music of the 1980s, featuring music from the likes of Primal Scream, The Pastels and The Wedding Present. And Slicing Up Eyeballs reports that Cherry Red Records will release a 3CD deluxe reissue of the compilation on June 9, with two full discs of bonus tracks. Among the artists featured in the bonus material are The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Happy Mondays, Pop Will Eat Itself and more.

The set will be housed in a clamshell-style box, with liner notes from Neil Taylor, one of the original NME writers that helped compile the songs on the original album. Check out the full tracklist for the reissue below.

C86 reissue tracklist:

CD1: Original album
1. Primal Scream, “Velocity Girl”
2. The Mighty Lemon Drops, “Happy Head”
3. The Soup Dragons, “Pleasantly Surprised”
4. The Wolfhounds, “Feeling So Strange Again” *
5. The Bodines, “Therese”
6. Mighty Mighty, “Law”
7. Stump, “Buffalo” *
8. Bogshed, “Run To The Temple” *
9. A Witness, “Sharpened Sticks”
10. The Pastels, “Breaking Lines” *
11. Age Of Chance, “From Now On, This Will Be Your God” *
12. Shop Assistants, “It’s Up To You” *
13. Close Lobsters, “Firestation Towers” *
14. Miaow, “Sport Most Royal”
15. Half Man Half Biscuit, “I Hate Nerys Hughes (from The Heart)”
16. The Servants, “Transparent”
17. Mackenzies, “Big Jim (there’s No Pubs In Heaven)” *
18. Big Flame, “New Way (quick Wash And Brush Up With Liberation Theology)” *
19. We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It, “Console Me” *
20. Mccarthy, “Celestial City” *
21. The Shrubs, “Bullfighter’s Bones” *
22. The Wedding Present, “This Boy Can Wait (a Bit Longer!)”

1. The June Brides, “Just The Same”
2. Yeah Yeah Noh, “Another Side To Mrs Quill”
3. The Primitives, “Lazy”
4. Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes, “Splashing Along”
5. The Band Of Holy Joy, “Rosemary Smith”
6. The Mctells, “Virginia M.C.” *
7. B.m.x. Bandits, “E102″
8. One Thousand Violins, “Like One Thousand Violins”
9. The Dentists, “Peppermint Dreams”
10. The Membranes, “Everything’s Brilliant”
11. The Weather Prophets, “Worm In My Brain”
12. The Brilliant Corners, “Meet Me On Tuesdays””
13. Talulah Gosh, “I Told You So
14. Pigbros, “Hedonist Hat”
15. 14 Iced Bears, “Inside”
16. St. Christopher, “Go Ahead, Cry” *
17. The Groove Farm, “Captain Fantastic” (Demo)
18. Kilgore Trout, ” The Peacock Nose” *
19. The Jesus And Mary Chain, “Inside Me”
20. The Hit Parade, “You Didn’t Love Me Then”
21. That Petrol Emotion, “Mine”
22. The Turncoats, “One Breath” *
23. A Riot Of Colour, “Skink” (Flexi Version) *
24. Paul Groovy & The Pop Art Experience, “Tune In, Turn On, Trip Out” **
25. The Railway Children, “Darkness And Colour”

1. The Chesterf!elds, “Sweet Revenge”
2. The Jasmine Minks, “World’s No Place”
3. Stitched-Back Foot Airman, “Why” *
4. Razorcuts, “Sad Kaleidoscope”
5. Treebound, “Story I Remember” *
6. The Nightingales, “Part Time Moral England”
7. Episode Four, “Strike Up Matches”
8. The Avons, “Everything’s Going Right” *
9. Meat Whiplash, “Here It Comes”
10. King Of The Slums, “Spider Psychiatry” *
11. Happy Mondays, “Freaky Dancin’”
12. Biff Bang Pow!, ” Love’s Going Out Of Fashion”
13. Blue Aeroplanes, “Tolerance” (Remix)
14. Lawrence & The Comfortable Society, “Heartache” *
15. Laugh, “Take Your Time, Yeah” (Flexi Version) *
16. North Of Cornwallis, “Billy Liar” **
17. Pop Will Eat Itself, “Mesmerized”
18. Benny Profane, ” Hang Fire” *
19. Go! Service, “Real Life”
20. Janitors, “Good To Be The King” *
21. The Claim, “Gullible’s Travels”
22. The Auctioneers, “Scoop” **
23. Noseflutes, “Perfect Cockney Hard-on” *
24. The Love Act, “Hep Clothes **
25. The Enormous Room, “I Don’t Need You” *

* New To CD
** Previously unreleased

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