Midwife and Nyxy Nyx share dreamy new video for “It’s Ok 2 Lie 2 Me” + “Andy”

Midwife Nyxy Nyx split

Last summer, Philadelphia’s Nyxy Nyx hit the road in support of BLIGHT. Records labelmates Midwife, whose 2021 record Luminol is one of our favorites from the Flenser label. The projects collaborated at Studio BLIGHT. in Baltimore, and from those sessions came Bandcamp exclusives “It’s Ok 2 Lie 2 Me” and “Andy.” The release was temporarily unavailable after its initial upload to Bandcamp, but is being conveniently rereleased both digitally and as a limited 7-inch vinyl (out on April 20) and also now available to hear on YouTube. Today, we’re excited to premiere the video for “It’s Ok 2 Lie 2 Me” + “Andy.” 

The video for the two singles was filmed by Nyxy Nyx guitarist and Sun Organ lead Tim Jordan. Dreamy clips for dreamy acts here; an analog haze washes over footage of Midwife in the studio and Nyxy Nyx on the beach. Speaking of dreams, the idea behind “It’s Ok 2 Lie 2 Me” and “Andy” is that they are audio dream journals, which, if you’re a fan of either project, totally checks out. The tracks were finished up on the last day of the joint tour at Blood Red Sky by Benjamin Schurr (Ruah, Luna Honey), and after plenty of listens I still can’t pick a favorite. “It’s Ok 2 Lie 2 Me” + “Andy” will be out on black and white splatter 7-inch on 4/20 via BLIGHT. Records. Check out the new Midwife and Nyxy Nyx video below.

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