Owen Pallett : A Swedish Love Story EP

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Owen Pallett is one of those guys that make you feel unproductive just by looking at his stellar résumé. Aside from providing string arrangements for Arcade Fire, the Mountain Goats and Pet Shop Boys, he has also found time to write and record his own stellar material. Heartland, which came out early this year, is easily going to end up on my year end ‘best’ list, and on top of that, he has now come out with A Swedish Love Story, an EP that continues his epic streak.

Unlike Heartland, there seems to be no recurring theme throughout the EP, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Pallett still provides his signature strings and delicate vocals, but this time each song is just as different from the next as they are similar. Added instrumentation, beats and flavors adorn the four tracks here, including the slightly warbled ending to “Don’t Stop,” yet somehow it works. I’d recommend Heartland if you’re just jumping into Pallett’s world, but this EP is a solid follow-up and not at all a throwaway of tracks that just don’t fit in elsewhere.

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