Public Image Limited to reissue First Issue

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PIL - First Issue

So, apparently Light In the Attic Records is not reissuing The Life of Chris Gaines. Too bad, but the Seattle-based label has something better in mind: a vinyl and two-CD reissue of Public Image Limited’s debut album, First Issue. As the label’s 100th release, the album will be reissued as a double disc set, with one CD featuring a 1978 BBC interview with John Lydon, plus B-side “The Cowboy Song.” The CD version will also contain a sticker.

The vinyl version of the album will contain a fold-out poster, replica tabloid ads, and a download card for the album, which will include “The Cowboy Song.” Check out the tracklist below.


CD 1:
1. “Theme”
2. “Religion I”
3. “Religion II”
4. “Annalisa”
5. “Public Image”
6. “Low Life”
7. “Attack”
8. “Fodderstompf”

CD 2:
1. “The Cowboy Song”
2. “Interview With John Lydon – BBC Radio 1, Rock On, Oct. 28, 1978”

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