Rock Docs Podcast: Depeche Mode – 101 with guest David Rosen

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Depeche Mode 101

Just in time for the release of Depeche Mode‘s new album Memento Mori, one of the best new releases of the past week, Rock Docs returns with a new episode on the synth-pop legends’ documentary and concert film, 101. In the latest edition of the podcast, your hosts Andrew Keatts and David Lizerbram discuss the 1989 film which captured the band as they were reaching peak popularity, closing out their tour in support of 1987’s Music for the Masses at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

This episode features special guest David Rosen, an award-winning music composer and the host of Piecing It Together Podcast. David has been composing music for films, commercials and television, as well as other podcasts, for two decades, and also releases his own albums of instrumental music.

In their discussion of the film, Rosen, Keatts and Lizerbram dig into the history of the band, and catching up with Depeche Mode (cough). Additionally, the film follows a group of teenage fans who embark on a cross-country trip to see the concert, and whether or not this document of non-celebrity subjects was an inspiration for ’90s reality TV, a la The Real World and Road Rules. Plus it’s one of the only rock documentaries that actually discusses the ins and outs of touring, both its profits and its expenses. And lastly: fashion, specifically why mainstream rock bands simply don’t dress this cool anymore. There’s a lot to dive into, so cue up the latest episode of Rock Docs below.

Listen to the new episode below, and check out the trailer for the film. Depeche Mode’s 101 is now streaming via Showtime. In 2021, it was released as a five-disc box set featuring two Blu-ray discs, two DVDs and two CDs.

Depeche Mode’s 101 was also featured on Treble’s list of the 50 Best Live Albums.

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