Laurel Halo

Laurel Halo

Laurel Halo announces new album, Atlas

Hear new song “Belleville”

Treble Roundtable: Flawed Classics

The albums we love, and the things we don’t love about them.

Laurel Halo Sweetie Essential track

Laurel Halo’s “Sweetie” is noisy, experimental and cerebral

The Berlin-based producer’s latest track showcases her inventor’s curiosity.

Top 100 Songs of 2018

Our favorite tracks from the past year.

I could be your dog review

Laurel Halo : Raw Silk Uncut Wood

Laurel Halo’s evolution from pure techno to something more studied and deliberate continues. Her debut,…

kaitlyn aurelia smith let's turn it into sound review

Laurel Halo : Dust

A malformed mixtape from the future.

Laurel Halo - Chance of Rain

Laurel Halo announces new album, Chance of Rain

Experimental electronic artist’s latest out in October.

Laurel Halo : Quarantine

None of the usual emotional suspects.

Chromatics' "Kill for Love"

Endless Playlist 2012: Part Two

Another big batch of our favorite new songs.