Yeezus tour t-shirt

Kanye West Yeezus tour merch features Confederate flags

Native American headdresses, Metallica font also incorporated.

Skeletonwitch not welcome at Disney

Skeletonwitch not welcome in the Magic Kingdom

Band making up for it by playing a wedding.


Petition launched to book GWAR at the Super Bowl

Petition within striking distance of being addressed.

The Knife - Shaking the Habitual live

The Knife reveal amazing, outlandish details of Shaking the Habitual live show

Absurdist aerobics AND the largest steel drum band in Scandinavia.

Andrew WK

April Fools Day roundup

It’s April 1, a day that always sneaks up on you and completely throws you…

Ghost B.C.

Ghost unveils Papa Emeritus-for-Pope campaign

Signing petition unlocks new track “Year Zero”.