The Locust : Follow The Flock, Step in Shit

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For this review I initially thought I would write a one thousand-word essay describing the reissue of this Locust EP. A pretentious idea, I know, but it could have been funny. Instead I let reason win out. This record is only three songs and clocks in at less than three minutes, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Follow the Flock, Step in Shit is a reissue from the early days of the Locust, and contains the songs found on their split single with Jenny Piccolo and a track from a long out of print comp, all three circa `96. Having been introduced to the Locust on their Flight of the Wounded Locust seven-inch, this is the first I’ve heard of their most infant stages as a band. This incarnation is pure power violence — loud, fast, dirty as all hell, one-minute song destruction. Way more metal than their recent output. You can see the beginning of the synth sounds starting to break through in these songs, but the vocals are way deeper and “tough guy” sounding than the more insect-like vocals they prefer now. Also these songs are a lot less technical than the songs written after this time period.

If you like the Locust already, this is a good way to round off your collection, especially since the CD is so nifty looking (mini CD sized, but square-shaped). If you haven’t heard the Locust yet for some odd reason, I would suggest checking out Plague Soundscapes first, then work your way backwards and see if you’d like this. This way you’ll be able to better appreciate it for what it is and what the Locust have become. The Locust will destroy you, friends.

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