Petite Noir – “The Fall”

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Petite Noir The Fall video

In January, South African artist Yannick Ilunga, aka Petite Noir, released his new EP King of Anxiety, which featured a handful of excellent, dark and grooving indie pop tunes. And today, Ilunga has shared a new video for “The Fall,” from that very EP. It’s a black and white clip, directed by Ilunga with Rochelle Nembhard, and was inspired by the works of performance artist Marina Abramovic.

Ilunga says in a press release, “The video is inspired by the work of Serbian artist Marina Abramovic, and in particular her ‘The Artist is Present’ performance art piece (MoMa 2010), where she was reunited with her ex-lover, the German artist Ulay, after 22 years apart. It’s intended as a raw and transparent look into what we do to each other in relationships, setting aside the fakeness and pretense that we shroud ourselves in.”

Watch the Petite Noir “The Fall” video below, courtesy of the New York Times.

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