Archie to release Ramones comic book

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Ramones comic

The Ramones live on, thanks to Archie Comics. And really, the combination makes perfect sense—after all, isn’t Riverdale the original Rock and Roll High School? In 2016, Archie will release Archie Meets Ramones, which will find the Riverdale kids crossing over into the world of punk rock, and, as the title indicates, meeting The Ramones. That’s the cover art, courtesy of Comics Alliance.

Archie Meets Ramones co-writer Matthew Rosenberg says to Comics Alliance:

It might seem strange to some people to combine these things, but there’s really no divide for me… Archie is what got me into comics, the Ramones are what got me into punk rock, and those two things have always been connected for me. The Ramones are my punk rock heroes, they’re really very comic booky, and Archie has a long history of being connected to music, and being willing to try new things and do cool new stuff, so to me, this makes perfect sense.

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