The Smiths are now on Twitter

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The Smiths

Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before: The Smiths are now on Twitter. Yes, that The Smiths. The same Smiths about which Morrissey once said he didn’t know anyone who wanted them to reunite. But here we are. The account is official, and verified, and run by Warner UK, which probably means it has something to do with catalog releases or reissues. And Record Store Day is just a couple weeks away, so that very well could be the impetus for the launch of the account. But as far as we know, The Smiths haven’t reunited, and are pretty unlikely to ever do so. Right now the account has no tweets, so there’s very little to go on, but their catalog has a way of being reissued every half-decade or so. Maybe it’s about that time again? (And let’s not forget that when Morrissey’s Twitter launched, Morrissey quickly revealed he wasn’t the one doing the tweeting.)

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