Watch a menacing group of friends in the Kvelertak “1985” video

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Kvelertak 1985 video

Kvelertak has just released a new video for “1985,” from their upcoming album Nattesferd, being released on May 13 via Roadrunner. The clip, directed by Fredrik Hana, follows a group of dudes who punch bags of laundry, go swimming, spar in a boxing ring, blow shit up and act altogether menacing.

Hana discusses the video in a press release:

“In my third collaboration with Kvelertak, I wanted to make a music video where the story and characters took the center stage. The video revolves around a micro-community, a four man cult, where a deep and twisted friendship lies beneath it all. They don’t see themselves as a part of the normal society and decide to honor their differences in a unique fellowship. We follow the character’s growing addiction to push limits, and in the end, their incompetence to see any real consequences with their actions. I wanted to get across the fantastic feeling of being a part of something, but also the dangers of not daring to take a stand, to just swim along with the current.”

Watch the Kvelertak “1985” video below.

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