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Every album that’s earned Treble’s coveted Album of the Week designation.

big thief dragon new warm mountain i believe in you review

Big Thief – Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You

Further exploration and expansion abound on the group’s new double album

can soon over babaluma review

EXEK – Advertise Here

The Melbourne group more naturally swirls their psychedelic side with their post-punk rhythms.

whitney spark review

Cate Le Bon – Pompeii

The Welsh singer/songwriter’s new LP explores stillness and joyful absurdity on one of her strongest sets of songs to date.

cloakroom dissolution wave review

Cloakroom – Dissolution Wave

The Midwestern shoegaze trio hone in on the strength of their melodic songwriting.

polychromatics sequences from punch dimension review

The Soundcarriers – Wilds

The Nottingham psych group’s first album in eight years is an expression of joyful crate-digger eclecticism.

actress dummy corporation review

Burial : Antidawn

The UK dubstep producer strips away the beats for an atmospheric experience.

Arca Kick iiii

Arca – KICK ii / KicK iii / kick iiii / kiCK iiiii

Her four new albums showcase how peerless the visionary producer is.

william basinski on reflection review

Various Artists : @0

Coldcut assemble a staggering roster of contributors for a massive ambient project.

Irreversible Entanglements Open the Gates review

Irreversible Entanglements – Open the Gates

The Philadelphia jazz group deliver an expansive double album that showcases just how powerful they are as a unit.

holy fawn dimensional bleed review

Glassing – Twin Dream

A breathtaking statement of beautiful apocalypse.

emma ruth rundle engine of hell stream

Emma Ruth Rundle – Engine of Hell

A stark, stripped-down set of songs that offers only the raw truth.

fire-toolz i will not use the body's eyes today. review

Fire-Toolz – Eternal Home

Angel Marcloid’s new double-album is a reinvention of prog.

lucrecia dalt ay review

Circuit des Yeux – -io

Haley Fohr creates her biggest album while confronting an overwhelming darkness.

twiabp illusory walls review

The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die – Illusory Walls

The group’s most lyrically poignant is also their most sonically overwhelming.

daniel villarreal panama 77 review

Dos Santos – City of Mirrors

The Chicago group’s fusion of Latinx music with jazz, soul, surf rock and psychedelia transcends.

cloud rat threshold review

Full of Hell : Garden of Burning Apparitions

The Maryland grindcore outfit push themselves toward the farther edges of extreme music while perfecting their aesthetic.

best metal albums of 2021 body big brave

The Body & Big|Brave – Leaving None But Small Birds

The two heavy acts come together not to make noise but to draw on folk tradition with their own unique interpretations.

moor mother best hip-hop albums of 2021

Moor Mother – Black Encyclopedia of the Air

Camae Ayewa’s new full-length is an embrace of heady, accessible sounds without softening the poignancy of her words.

denzel curry melt my eyez see your future review

Little Simz – Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

The UK rapper’s fourth album is her most ambitious and personal yet, balancing internal monologue with big arrangements.

Low HEY WHAT best albums of 2021


Low still live in hope, but it’s surrounded by a breathtaking cacophony.