cage the elephant thank you happy birthday

On ‘Thank You Happy Birthday’, Cage the Elephant opened a door

An overlooked gem that showcased a new side of the alt-rock group

Sarah McLachlan Possession

How Sarah McLachlan’s “Possession” highlighted the dark side of fame

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6 Essential New Metal Albums That Defy Genre

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Thundercat’s Drunk is a boisterous celebration of pluralities

A look back at one of 2017’s most buoyant and hopeful gems.

Lead Belly In the Pines

“In the Pines” — A song that remains open-ended after 150 years

Untangling the mystery within the song and the one from whence it came

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6 Essential New Metal Albums That Embrace All Things Epic

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How the “Black Sabbath” riff captured diabolus in musica

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5 Essential New Metal Albums With Immersive Atmosphere

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The strange occult lore of Boards of Canada’s Geogaddi

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Patty Waters Black is the Color

Patty Waters’ “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” is an exorcism of a folk song

A vocal jazz take on a folk song, turned into a menacing descent into madness

Rolling Stone 500

Reconnecting with music through the Rolling Stone 500

A personal reflection on revisiting the canon during lockdown

Mizmor 2022

5 Essential Metal Albums for the Frigid Winter

It’s cold out there. Turn these albums up to keep it that way.

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Seeing the Light with Country Gospel

A winding history lesson through country music’s most devout.

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How Theatre of Ice put the “death” in death rock

There’s a funny, odd scene in an episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory assures her…

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The Best Albums of October 2021

Sixteen albums—14 new albums and two reissues—you have to hear this month.