Da Art of Storytellin’

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What do we do with Kanye West

Da Art of Storytellin’: What Do We Do With Kanye West?

How one of hip-hop’s biggest personalities ended up being one of the most frustrating and infuriating.

Da Art of Storytellin’: Hibernation’s over

A round-up of some great new hip-hop releases.

Kendrick Lamar at the Grammys

Da Art of Storytellin’: False awards

Our hip-hop column returns with some laments about Grammys lameness.

Jay z 4:44 highlights summer hip-hop highlights

Da Art of Storytellin’: Summer hip-hop highlights

Four excellent new mixtapes and albums to check out for the summer.

Da Art of Storytellin’: Miley Cyrus and cultural blindspots

When pop stars co-opt black culture only to turn their backs on it.

Solange storytellin'

Da Art of Storytellin’: Crowd control

A look at the wildcard of the audience, plus the best mixtapes of the month.

Why should we still care about the Grammys

Da Art of Storytellin’: Why should we still care about the Grammys?

It’s long past time to stop caring about the irrelevant institution.

Da Art of Storytellin’: New year, new beats

To begin what’s going to be a long and difficult year, Jackie Im rounds up some promising new beats.

The best hip-hop albums of 2016

The Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums of 2016

The best in beats and rhymes for the year.


Da Art of Storytellin’: A post-election mixtape diversion

A diversion from the divisiveness, with three great new mixtapes.

Da Art of Storytellin’: Stop scapegoating rap music

Hip-hop isn’t responsible for society’s ills, and definitely not responsible for Donald Trump.

Da Art of Storytellin’: It’s still hot in herre

Fall is here, but the summer jams aren’t ready to stop just yet.

Da Art of Storytellin’: The expectations game

Anticipation for Frank, plus notable new hip-hop releases.

Black Lives Matter

Da Art of Storytellin’: Black Lives Matter

This month I’m keeping this intro short. The past few weeks has seen a lot…

Da Art of Storytellin’: Learning to do better

I tend to be pretty selective about my rap reading material. I try to concentrate…

best mixtapes of May 2016 Chance the Rapper

Da Art of Storytellin’: Sounds of the city

A few days before I sat down to write this month’s column, my partner and…

Da Art of Storytellin’ : Ladies First

I wouldn’t shock anyone if I said that rap is a largely male-dominated genre. Not…

Da Art of Storytellin’: March mixtape madness

Another roundup of the best releases in hip-hop this month.