Guest Playlist

Hanif Abdurraqib guest playlist

Guest Playlist: Hanif Abdurraqib provides a soundtrack to his book of essays

Bruce Springsteen, Downtown Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Migos and more.

Guest Playlist: Bleach Everything’s Graham Scala soundtracks a global revolution

The hardcore guitarist lines up tracks from Anohni, Alice Coltrane, Algiers and more.

Amy O guest playlist

Guest Playlist: Amy O makes a mix of songs that helped influence her songwriting

Hear a mix of Yo La Tengo, Sleater-Kinney, Joni Mitchell and Bill Withers.

Brett Netson and Snakes

Guest Playlist: Brett Netson of Snakes/Built to Spill offers up some musical therapy

Hear a selection of songs to soothe the savage beast, courtesy of the Built To Spill/Snakes guitarist and bassist.

Dead Heavens

Guest Playlist: Dead Heavens stack up the riffs in a curated mix

New York stoner rock outfit’s debut album is out today.

Gridfailure guest playlist

Guest Playlist: Gridfailure curates a ’90s metal and hardcore mosh pit

Neurosis, Today is the Day, His Hero is Gone, Earth Crisis and more.

Eric Slick guest playlist

Guest Playlist: Eric Slick shares the soundtrack to a year of his life

Dr. Dog’s drummer shares a year of his life in song as he worked on his debut album.

Holy Circle guest playlist

Guest Playlist: The Holy Circle share the eclectic influences on their debut album

Hear the influences that went into the Baltimore trio’s new dreamy full-length.