Daughn Gibson – “The Sound of Law”

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Daughn Gibson - Me Moan

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On Daughn Gibson’s debut album, All Hell, the baritone-voiced Pennsylvania singer-songwriter crafted a diverse range of haunting country noir via sampled sounds. But with his Sub Pop debut, Me Moan, Gibson is inviting in an even broader array of sounds, with a greater emphasis on live instrumentation and rich, lush arrangements. On “The Sound of Law,” the first track to be released from the album, it shows.

There’s still a crackly, looped quality to the tune, suggesting that Gibson is still building from a similar template, but the sound this time around is even bigger and more ominous. Drums sputter and skip. Pianos crash and clang. And backing vocals provide a ghostly counterpoint to Gibson’s own deep-voiced croon. It’s an overwhelmingly arranged three minutes of darkly opulent pop music, fulfilling the promise set forth on his debut with a fearless heroism. And yet there’s still an undeniably dark undercurrent to it all, which goes to show that an outlaw in fancy clothes is still an outlaw.

[found on Me Moan, Sub Pop; out July 9]
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