Members of Necrot, High on Fire, Sepultura call out racism in “Metal vs. Racism” video

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Metal vs. Racism

Metal is a world of contrasts. It’s a much more diverse community than it’s often given credit for, and it has a few extremely high profile racists that people still hold in high regard. But metalheads are fed up with pretending it’s OK. Necrot’s Luca Indrio and Gatecreeper’s Eric Wagner have organized a new video series titled Metal vs. Racism, which brings together a number of high profile metal musicians to speak out against racism. The first installment is just a minute long, but in that time Indrio introduces it with the video series’ mission statement: “Metal musicians are tired with metal being associated with racism We’re fucking tired of it!” Sepultura’s Igor Cavalera adds, “Fuck racism,” and High on Fire’s Matt Pike plays a badass riff before announcing, “Racism sucks!” Plus members of Gatecreeper, Blood Incantation, Integrity and Exhumed all share their thoughts on racism being bogus. Watch the video below.

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