Prefuse 73 announces another new album, New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol. 2

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Just a little over a month after the release of New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol. 1, his first new release in three years, Prefuse 73 has announced its follow-up. New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol. 2 is out June 28 via Lex Records. It’s a companion album to the first installment, and today Guillermo Scott Herren has released the first single, “Lion Chorus.” Hear it below.

Herren said in a statement, “I’ve lived in NYC since the 90s but I think during the post-COVID era, most ‘media’ has become obsessed with crime statistics and inflated ‘fear’ over basic human needs. I wanted to channel this surreal landscape – where crime has become a strange form of entertainment and journalistic distraction into sound.”

Prefuse 73’s One Word Extinguisher is featured on our list of 30 Essential Warp Records Albums.

Prefuse 73 New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol. 2 tracklist:

1. Lion Chorus
2. Vast Wildlife Poison
3. Canine Chorus
4. Fare Le Corna
5. Complete Rejection
6. 245 Wagon Talk
7. Weather Systems
8. Il Calibro
9. Python Print
10. New Crime Rising Reflection
11. Canine Chorus (Scene Two)
12. La Parte Centrale
13. Lion Chorus (Scene Two)
14. Vast Wildlife Poison (Scene Two)
15. Canine Farewell
16. 244 Sedan Decay

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