Savages – “She Will”

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Savages - Silence Yourself

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The cover of Savages’ new album, Silence Yourself, is imprinted with a short piece of prose that begins:

The world used to be silent
Now it has too many voices
And the noise
Is a constant distraction

It could be read as a statement about media, or technology, or how the proliferation of each has led to the obscurity of any real truth, buried underneath what amounts to a 24-hour cycle of conjecture and obfuscation. Savages aren’t an explicitly political band, but the UK-based post-punk quartet is having none of it, honing their sharp-edged sound with laser focus, cutting through needless ephemera in favor of a singular, precision assault.

There’s a dance-friendly sensibility about “She Will,” the first single from Silence Yourself, but this ain’t no disco. Urgent, abrasive, but darkly ominous in the style of early ’80s British post-punks like The Sound or the Comsat Angels, “She Will” bears a sinister groove, and a ferocious, yet restrained vocal from singer Jenny Beth, who uses the song’s title as a laundry list of actions from a fierce, unnamed “she”: “She will enter the bed,” “She will kiss like a man.” By the swirling, manic close of the song, “She will” becomes less of a statement than a threat. Beth is such a powerful, overwhelming presence that one voice is all this command track needs.

[found on Silence Yourself, Matador; out May 7 ]
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