10 more of the best metal albums of the millennium

10 more of the best metal albums of the millennium

An extra helping of metal from the past 17 years.

Shadow of the Horns: Clearing the path

To follow the way of the riff, you must find your own path.


Castevet break up

“It is time to move on.”


Top 10 Metal Albums of 2013

The greatest triumphs in heavy sounds from 2013.

Castevet - Obsian review

Castevet : Obsian

New York black metal group adds Krallice’s Nick McMaster on second album, stretch limits to strange new places.

Red Fang - Whales and Leeches

Stream the new Red Fang and Castevet albums

Two metal beasts to grapple with a week before their release date.

Castevet - Obsian

Stream new Castevet track, “The Curve”

Another complex black metal gem from new album Obsian.

Treble’s Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2013

20 Albums on our must-hear list for the fall.

Castevet - Obsian

Castevet share details of new album Obsian

Listen to new track “Fathomed by Beggars and Victims”.

Castevet - Obsian

Castevet announces new album, Obsian

New York black metal band returns with new full-length.

Baths' "Cerulean"


Five more amazing albums that slipped under our radar.