Eluvium whirring marvels in consensus reality review

Eluvium : (Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality

Matthew Cooper employs algorithmic composition in the service a record that’s more orchestral in presentation

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20 Most Anticipated Albums of Winter/Spring 2023

The albums to watch in the early half of the year


Eluvium announces new album (Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality

Hear “Escapement” and “Swift Automations”

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Eluvium : Virga II

Matthew Cooper explores worlds both real and imagined in his new ambient set.

Eluvium announces new ambient series beginning with Virga I

A new ambient series is on the way from Matthew Cooper.

Eluvium Beginner's Guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Eluvium’s rich world of serenity

Where to start with Matthew Cooper’s ambient discography.

Eluvium new album Shuffle Drones

Eluvium releases Shuffle Drones, intended to be played on a loop

The album is meant to be played on shuffle and isolated from other music.

Eluvium - Nightmare Ending

Eluvium: Nightmare Ending

Matthew Cooper expands into double-album territory on his slow burning new epic.

Eluvium - nightmare ending

Stream the new Eluvium album

Two discs worth of epic atmosphere available to stream.

Eluvium : Copia

Orchestrated humanism.

Eluvium : Talk Amongst The Trees

It hits you like a slow drug.