Jay Som

Summer Playlists 2021

Treble’s Summer Playlists 2021

Four Treble staffers offer four different takes on the summer jam.

Adult Swim singles

20 Essential Adult Swim Singles

Adult Swim just launched the 2021 edition of its singles program, which started all the…

Bachelor debut lp

Jay Som and Palehound announce their debut album as Bachelor

Hear the new single, “Stay in the Car.”

Best Albums of August 2019 Jay Som

The Best Albums of August 2019

Our favorite records from the past 30 days.

reptaliens multiverse review

Jay Som – Anak Ko

Melina Duterte’s follow-up to 2017’s Everybody Works is pretty but not precious, and harsh even when it’s soft.

Jay Som new album Anak Ko

Jay Som’s “Superbike” is a return to her stunning, climactic indie sound

A daytrip vibe from California singer/songwriter Melinda Duterte.

Jay Som new album 2019

Jay Som announces new album, Anak Ko

Hear new track “Superbike.”

Jay Som and Justus Proffit Nothing's Changed review

Jay Som and Justus Proffit : Nothing’s Changed

A brief EP collaboration recorded in a concentrated period that yields spontaneous, rewarding results.

Top 100 Cover Songs

The Top 100 Cover Songs

Our round-up of the greatest covers of all time, as voted by Treble’s staff.

Jay Som Japanese Breakfast tour

Jay Som and Japanese Breakfast announce tour

Two indie rock MVPs hitting the road together.

The Top 50 Albums of 2017

The best albums of an exhausting year.

Jay Som tour dates

Jay Som announces tour dates

Plus hear new contribution to Our First 100 Days series.

best albums of March 2017 Jay Som

The best albums of March 2017

An inaugural round-up of the best releases of the month.

horsegirl versions of modern performance review

Album of the Week: Jay Som – Everybody Works

Melina Duterte’s Polyvinyl debut is a stunning showcase of her prolificacy and dream pop songwriting prowess.