Mark McGuire

Mark McGuire Our Family review

Mark McGuire : Our Family

The former Emeralds guitarist delves into more straightforward singer/songwriter material without letting go of his kosmische ambitions.

mark mcguire our family review

Mark McGuire : Ideas of Beginnings

Former Emeralds collaborator goes acoustic, sort of.

Mark McGuire Beyond Belief review

Mark McGuire : Beyond Belief

The former Emeralds guitarist continues to grow in gradual steps, with a more pronounced pop approach.

Mark McGuire Beyond Belief

Mark McGuire announces new album, Beyond Belief

Listen to new track “Earth: 2015”

Mark McGuire Noctilucence

Mark McGuire : Noctilucence

Experimental guitarist follows the conceptual Along the Way with a set of catchy, if lengthy, guitar-driven beatscapes.

Mark McGuire Noctilucence EP

Mark McGuire announces Noctilucence EP

Listen to the 12-minute title track.

Mark McGuire

Interview : Mark McGuire

Prolific guitarist and ambient artist discusses the motivations behind his new album Along the Way.

Mark McGuire Along the Way

Mark McGuire : Along the Way

Former Emeralds guitarist’s latest explores an abstract conceptual thread through deep instrumental passages.

Mark McGuire - Along the Way

Mark McGuire announces new album Along the Way

Former Emeralds guitarist announces first album for Dead Oceans.

Mark McGuire : A Young Person’s Guide to Mark McGuire

An overwhelming sampler of instrumental majesty.

Mark McGuire : Living With Yourself

A new, wide and beautiful world.