Warp Records: 20 Essential Albums

Warp Records: 30 Essential Albums

20 of our favorite albums from the legendary UK label.

History 30 Jazz Fusion Albums

A History of Jazz Fusion in 30 Essential Albums

A 30-album guide through jazz’s funkiest and most cosmic realms.

μ-Ziq Goodbye EP review

Squarepusher : Be Up A Hello

A reconnection to classic IDM textures that somehow feels darker and more sinister.

the best electronic albums of the 90s

The Top 50 Electronic Albums of the ’90s

We look back at the best beats, drones, squelches and thumps of the ’90s.

Squarepusher Damogen Furies

Squarepusher : Damogen Furies

Tom Jenkinson offers up one of his most difficult and challenging releases to date, and not the most enjoyable.


Squarepusher announces new album, Damogen Furies

Download new track “Rayc Fire 2” at his website.


Battles, Squarepusher to play Warp25 festival

Plus performances by Hudson Mohawke, Autechre and Rustie.

Squarepusher : Hello Everything

More warped curiosities from Jenkinson.