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Tom Jenkinson’s last album, Ultravisitor, stretched across the spectrum of his diverse back catalogue, adding some of his most aching guitar pieces to one of the most interesting electronic canons in existence. It’s logical that Hello Everything continues in a similar vein, building on previous projects to diversify. The opening “Hello Meow” has swirling energy like it’s 2004 and features a slap bass interlude worthy of Feed Me Weird Things.

“Theme From Sprite” has a sleek funk stammer begging for Guru to rap over. “Bubble Life” could be the disco sibling of “Theme from Vertical Hold.” “Planetarium” returns to Burning N Tree drum N bass. The claustrophobia is replaced by Aphex worthy menace. Somehow the progressive bleeps remind me of Muse more than anything else. It’s sweetly soured. “Vacuum Garden” rivals “My Red Hot Car” B-side “Hardcore Obelisk” in its pursuit of nothingness. “Circlewave 2” has the serene guitar mourning displayed on “Every Day I Love”

“Cronecker King” proves a highlight in under a minute. A massive burst of muted euphoria like a Jay Z backdrop grated by Martians. “Rotate Electrolyte” is playful sonic anarchy. Imagine Go Plastic moved underwater and set to a Sega funeral, before Bela Lugosi pops out of the casket to conduct. “Plotinus” is rotted astutely and ruptured synthetically in the manner of past successes. “The Modern Bass Guitar” kicks in. I’m sure he played some manner of this at the Sheffield Plug last year. Everyone went suitably ape. That feeling of abandon, as if my head has people dancing inside it, is definitely there. It will be up there in my song of the year lists.

Ten albums in, Jenkinson hasn’t let up on quality. The plaudits from Andre 3000, Thom Yorke, and Sofia Coppola (all brilliant in their own field), exist with good reason.

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