The Orb

Artificial Intelligence reissue

Warp Records to reissue Artificial Intelligence compilation

Pioneering IDM compilation to be released on vinyl for the first time in 30 years

william orbit the painter review

The Orb : Abolition of the Royal Familia

The electronic vets seed new moods and emotional spaces.

various artists @0 review

The Orb – No Sounds Are Out of Bounds

The Orb’s 15th studio album bears a fitting yet frustrating title.

Circle Jerks tour

10 Essential Stunt Songs

Songs that were made just because they could be.

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The Orb : COW/Chill Out, World!

When electronic music really started to bubble up from the underground in the late 1980s…

The Orb new album Moonbuilding 2703

The Orb announce tour dates, streaming new album

Hear Moonbuilding 2703 AD before it’s out.

The Orb new album Moonbuilding 2703

The Orb announce new album, Moonbuilding 2703 AD

Deluxe vinyl edition features a J Dilla tribute track.

Hold On To Your Genre : Dub

A multi-pronged look at reggae’s experimental offshoot.

Aphex Twin

10 Essential Ambient Albums

The slow, serene and sometimes chilling sounds of synth.

The Orb : Bicycles and Tricycles

Longing for the days of classic electronica.