The Wrens’ new album is really done this time

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The Wrens‘ new album is finally done, according to a post on the band’s blog. They have said this before, but there seems to be more assurance this time. The group’s follow-up to 2003’s The Meadowlands has been sent off to their new label (which hasn’t been revealed just yet—though that should be announced soon) and is in the process of being mastered. Though before they get to that part, the band makes a little joke and say, “the demo-ing is officially over now and actual recording of the album can begin ASAP.” Funny guys.

But it sounds like they’re definitely ready to have this thing come out soon:

The mastered v. of it will be done by the time I’m home next weekend awaiting a thumbs-up approval, then that goes to the label and they manufacture from there.
– in the meantime some quick artwork will be hashed out.
– After the label gets all that in the next week or two, they’ll set a release date and any number of pretend-fancy wheels start turning, not the least of which is that the label, having an actual record in hand, will be comfortable announcing they’re officially gonna put it out and I can stop referring to them as ‘the label’ (“the wrens” herein and forthwith referred to as “Artist”).
– then in some pan-geologic timeframe: record comes out, we tour for a weekend, we “go away”, ill-chosen solo projects surface, vanity plates are issued, 60th birthdays are feted, reunion tours are scrapped, another documentary about the making of the documentary is announced, Kardashians come & go…the usual.

We don’t want to get hurt again, but it looks like this might actually be coming out in less time than it took My Bloody Valentine to release mbv. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, the album is on our list of 10 Unfollowed Masterpieces.

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  • I’m super-excited about there finally being a new Wrens album. But I’ll believe it when I see it…as you say, we’ve been hurt before.

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