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Saintseneca Sleeper Hold

On October 9, Saintseneca will release their new album, Such Things, via Anti-. The Ohio-based band has already shared some music from the album, namely lead off title track “Such Things.” But with one week to go before the album is officially released, you can hear the whole thing early, courtesy of NPR First Listen. At first glance it seems to be even more of a pop-oriented record than its predecessor, with some rich production and many layers to dive into, as usual. Listen to the Saintseneca Such Things stream below.

Such Things follows last year’s Dark Arc.

Saintseneca Such Things tracklist:

1. Such Things
2. ///
3. Sleeper Hold
4. Estuary
5. Rare Form
6. Bad Ideas
7. The Awefull Yawn
8. How Many Blankets Are In The World?
9. River
10. Soft Edges
11. The All Full On
12. Necker Cube
13. Lazarus
14. House Divided
15. Maya 31

Saintseneca’s “Uppercutter” is one of our Top 50 Songs of 2014.

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