M.I.A. shares new tracks, “MIA OLA” and “Foreign Friend”

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M.I.A. has just shared a couple new songs. On Soundcloud today, she released “MIA OLA” and “Foreign Friend” as a single stream. The songs deal with themes pertaining to immigration, and M.I.A. posted this message about them:  “TO ALL MY FLYPIRATES and DJS – THIS IS AN ANNOUNCEMENT !!!! LIVE FROM THE MEXICAN BORDER OLA !!!! MIA ON THE WAVES.”

“MIA OLA” features a sample from The Lion King, and after posting, M.I.A. tweeted:


The tracks are available for download, so just in case anyone on Disney’s legal team decides to get involved, you should probably download ’em to your computer before they disappear. This pair of tracks follows M.I.A.’s recently released track “Boom ADD,” an extended version of “Boom Skit” that addresses her NFL lawsuit. Listen to “MIA OLA”/”Foreign Friend” below.

M.I.A.’s most recent album is 2013’s Matangi.

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