Greatest Hits

The very best of your favorite artists

Greatest Hits : The best Kate Bush songs

17 essential tracks from a singular artist.

Greatest Hits : LCD Soundsystem

After a few years digesting the end of one of our favorite bands, a playlist of 11 of their best songs.

Epitaph Records: 35 Essential Tracks

35 tracks for 35 years of pioneering punk.

Greatest Hits: Ryan Adams

An 80-minute playlist of the best Ryan Adams songs, spanning from Heartbreaker to his self-titled 2014 album.

Sufjan Stevens greatest hits

Greatest Hits: Sufjan Stevens

Ahead of Sufjan’s first new album in five years, a look at the best songs of his career.

essential relapse tracks

Relapse: 25 Essential Tracks

A selection of 25 classic tracks from 25 years of Relapse records.

4AD Records best tracks

4AD Records : 39 Essential Tracks

A 35th anniversary playlist for one of the greatest independent labels in the UK.

Best Belle and Sebastian Songs

Greatest Hits: The 19 Best Belle and Sebastian songs

From Tigermilk to Write About Love, 19 of the Glasgow group’s best.

The Replacements

Greatest Hits : The Replacements

In the inaugural edition of Greatest Hits, Treble assembles a compact playlist of the 15 best Replacements songs as they celebrate Let It Be’s 30th.

best Fela Kuti songs

The 10 Best Fela Kuti Songs

A special 120 minute mix of the King of Afrobeat’s best.

The 90 Minute Guide: Death Cab For Cutie

The 90 Minute Guide: Death Cab For Cutie

From Airplanes to Stairs, we assemble the band’s best on one cassette.