Treble’s Top 10

cold war albums

10 Essential Cold War Albums

“Yeah, everybody’s got a bomb.” In the 1980s, the Cold War was an inescapable aspect…

10 Essential 21st century pop albums

When Treble highlights the essentials of a particular style of music, we can sometimes pick…

essential Native Tongues tracks

10 Essential Native Tongues tracks

For a certain generation of listeners coming up in a certain era—the late ’80s and…

10 Essential Artistic Reinvention Albums

Ten albums that presented a fresh start or an unexpected transformation.

best hidden tracks Eels

10 Essential Hidden Tracks

Celebrating the wide world of musical surprises.

Late Night Albums

10 Essential Late Night Albums

Albums for the wee small hours.

10 Essential 21st Century Country Albums

The best and brightest of Nashville in the new century.

cold songs

10 Essential Cold Songs

Songs about snow, ice and winter, both literal and metaphorical.

10 Unauthorized Political Campaign Songs

Used without permission, and apparently without context.

10 Essential Breakup songs

A bummed-out Valentine’s Day playlist.

concept albums of the 90s

10 Essential concept albums of the ’90s

The most compelling thematic and narrative threads of the 1990s.

21st century post-punk albums

10 Essential 21st Century post-punk albums

Millennial updates on a revolutionary late ’70s sound.

hip house tracks Vic Mensa

10 Essential Hip House tracks

A simple genre hybrid with outstanding results.

10 Great Songs with mistakes

Sometimes a classic song is perfectly imperfect.

The Top 10 Punk Albums of 2015

The best in (mostly) young, loud and snotty records of the year.

Overlooked Albums 2015

Ten albums that deserve a second listen from 2015.

Top 10 Electronic Albums of 2015

The best in beats and synths for 2015.

10 Songs About Advertising

We deal with the post-Halloween marketing blitz by diving deep into 10 essential songs about advertising.