Treble’s Top 10

10 Essential Proto-punk tracks

Ten tracks that helped shape punk as we know it.

10 Essential Scary Story Songs

10 campfire fright ballads to keep you up at night.

best gothic americana songs Murder by Death

10 Essential Gothic Americana tracks

The dark side of American roots music.

Eyehategod Psycho California Fest 2015

10 Essential New Orleans Albums

When the Big Easy calls, you gotta accept the charges.

10 Essential ’80s Industrial Tracks

A trip back in time through electronic dancefloor noise.

best post-black metal albums

10 Essential Post-Black Metal Albums

10 millennial masterpieces of atmospheric, dense and artful metal.

albums produced by Butch Vig

10 Essential Albums produced by Butch Vig

Marking 20 years of Garbage with ten of Butch’s best.

10 Music Biopics we’d like to see

10 artists whose life stories seem fit for the Silver Screen.

songs about working for the man

10 Songs About Working for the Man

Treble salutes the working stiffs with 10 songs about working for the man.

10 essential punk rock operas

10 Essential Punk Rock Operas

The most ambitious narrative albums in punk.

essential music books for summer reading

10 Essential music books for summer reading

Stuff these rock ‘n’ roll reads in your duffel bag.

Phoenix FYF 2014

10 Essential Paris albums

10 gems from the City of Lights.

10 Albums that aren’t on Apple music

The gaps in the tech giant’s latest development.

10 Essential Neo-Psychedelia Albums

Contemporary trip-outs for modern heads.

Twin Cities albums

10 Essential Twin Cities Albums

Two Cities, unlimited creative possibilities.

10 Essential Comeback Albums

A survey of some much-heralded returns from 1984 to the present.

10 Essential Music TV shows

Ten historically reliable outlets for tunes through the tube.

21st Century post-hardcore albums Trail of Dead

10 Essential 21st Century post-hardcore albums

Art-punk enters a new decade of innovation.