the best post-rock albums

The 50 Best Post-Rock Albums

10 Experimental shape-shifting greats.


Pelican releases new EP, Adrift/Tending the Embers

Hear the group’s first new release in five years

Pelican For Your Entertainment

Hear Pelican cover Unwound’s “For Your Entertainment”

The Chicago group tackles another indie classic

Pelican Gasoline

Hear Pelican cover Karate’s “Gasoline”

Featuring Chris Hansen from Pinebender on vocals

Post Festival lineup

Boris, Pelican, Nothing to play Post. Festival

Plus FACS, Glassing, Pianos Become the Teeth

Pelican reissues

Pelican announce reissues, European tour dates

The Chicago group’s first three albums due in expanded form over the next year.

rlyr review

Pelican : Nighttime Stories

The instrumental group returns after six years with an album marked by grief and intensity.

Pelican announce new album, Nighttime Stories

Hear the new single “Midnight and Mescaline.”

Celestial Isis reunion show

Members of Isis reunite as Celestial for Caleb Scofield benefit show

Band to play one show together again under the name Celestial.

Pelican release new live album, Live @ Dunk!Fest

Pay what you want for newly released live set.