Boris and Merzbow announce new album, 2R0I2P0

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Boris Merzbow new album 2R0I2P0

Boris and Merzbow have announced a new collaborative album. After previously releasing the collaborative record Gensho in 2016, the two artists reconvene for 2R0I2P0, which is out via Relapse on December 11. They’ve released the opening track, “Away from You,” which you can check out below, along with the album’s tracklist. The title, when unscrambled, says “R.I.P. 2020.”

“This year was a period of trial for everyone in the world,” Boris says in a press release. “This work becomes a monument to the requiem of the previous era. From here, a new world begins again.”

Boris also recently released their new studio album NO back in July.

Boris and Merzbow 2R0I2P0 tracklist:

  1. Away From You
  2. To The Beach
  3. Coma
  4. Love
  5. Absolutego
  6. Journey
  7. Uzume
  8. Evol
  9. Boris
  10. Shadow Of Skull

Read our recent feature, Rock Therapy: An interview with Boris. NO was also featured on our list of the Best Albums of July.

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