Album of the Week

Every album that’s earned Treble’s coveted Album of the Week designation.

Delays : Faded Seaside Glamour

Quite possibly the prettiest debut of the year.

!!! : Louden Up Now

This ain’t no foolin’ around.

Les Savy Fav : Inches

We’re letting a singles collection slip, just this once.

Madvillain : Madvillainy

MF DOOM and Madlib are the illest villains.

Blonde Redhead : Misery is a Butterfly

New York trio changes sound; jaw-dropping ensues.

Iron & Wine : Our Endless Numbered Days

Does Florida really count as “The South”?

best indie rock albums of the 00s Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand : Franz Ferdinand

The shot that started the war on bland retro-pop.

Electrelane : The Power Out

Brighton band adds vocals and Albini to space-pop mixture.

Clearlake : Cedars

Another British band gets album of the week. What is a critic to do?