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Oneida on their 10 Best Songs

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More Life: An interview with Brijean

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Bad Moon Rising, EVOL, and Sister: Sonic Youth’s dark American trilogy

The group’s mid-’80s trio of records was a massive breakthrough as well as a period of fixation on a dark American myth

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10 Essential Remixed Albums

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Mankunku Quartet’s Yakhal’ Inkomo was a landmark album for South African jazz

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Go With Your Gut: An interview with Flasher

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Shearwater listens to the world

We chat with Jonathan Meiburg about ‘The Great Awakening’

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11 Artists on Their Favorite Broadcast Songs

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10 Essential Remix Albums

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The Pendulum Swings: Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky on two decades of heavy explorations

Cave In’s frontman talks ‘Heavy Pendulum,’ the band’s legacy, his other collabs and more

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Slanted and Enchanted—Pavement’s unabashed masterpiece at 30

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The harmonious world of Just Mustard

We speak to the Irish shoegaze band ahead of the release of their new album, ‘Heart Under’