El-P Fantastic Damage

On Fantastic Damage, El-P paired stygian themes with apocalyptic beats

A debut set of bangers wrought from an apocalyptic mood.

Converge best metal collaborative albums

10 Essential Metal Collaboration Albums

10 of the best team ups in heavy music in the past two decades

U2 Songs of Innocence

On Songs of Innocence and Experience, U2 left it open ended

A publicity stunt gone awry, and a band reclaiming their soul

chat pile god's country review

On ‘Contempt’, Couch Slut Threw It Back In Our Faces

The New York noise rock band’s second album is both harrowing and strangely accessible

Ben Marc interview

Jazz is Life: An interview with Ben Marc

We speak to the jazz bassist and songwriter about his new LP, learning from collaborators, and why a classical background doesn’t guarantee anything

Prince Daddy and the Hyena interview

Prince Daddy and the Hyena embrace unpredictability

Treble talks to Kory Gregory about their self-titled album, dubious backstories and mortality.

Bass player for Parquet Courts performs onstage in Brooklyn

Photos: Parquet Courts Live

A live set from Parquet Courts never disappoints, and April 1 at Brooklyn Steel was…

Omar Rodriguez lopez best albums

A Beginner’s Guide To The Labyrinthine Solo Career Of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Where to start with the At the Drive-In/Mars Volta guitarist and prolific solo artist.

Her Name is Calla Animal Choir

Her Name is Calla’s Animal Choir is a post-rock triumph

A look back at the UK group’s climactic 2019 swan song.

HEALTH interview

HEALTH on finding new frontiers through collaboration

Vocalist Jake Duzsik talks ‘DISCO 4’, collaborating over email, and how working with others leads to the band’s ongoing evolution.

The Fall best albums

A Beginner’s Guide to the wonderful and frightening world of The Fall

A guide to getting into this inscrutable, prolific post-punk legend.

The Go-Go's Beauty and the Beat

The Go-Go’s Beauty and the Beat blazed a trail for new wave

As the first all-female band to have a hit record of songs they wrote and performed, The Go-Go’s changed rock music forever

best Jason Molina songs

12 Artists on their favorite Jason Molina songs

Personal selections on key moments in Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co. and solo Jason Molina records.

songs ohia

On Didn’t It Rain, Songs: Ohia crafted hymns of solitude

Jason Molina’s best and prettiest album turns 20.

Warp Records: 20 Essential Albums

Warp Records: 30 Essential Albums

20 of our favorite albums from the legendary UK label.

McLusky Do Dallas

McLusky Do Dallas reveled in pure, destructive fun

A look back at the landmark noise rock album as it turns 20.

best The Body Songs

The 10 Best The Body songs, chosen by Lee Buford

We chat with the longtime member of the duo about their greatest and most ambitious moments.

Mountain Goats All Hail West Texas

The Mountain Goats’ All Hail West Texas is a breathless collection of great stories

John Darnielle’s early 2002 collection of songs turns 20 and remains a time capsule of brilliant storytelling