John Prine s/t debut Treble 100

Treble 100: No. 58, John Prine – John Prine

A landmark debut born of a set of unusual circumstances

Fleetwood Mac Rumours Treble 100

Treble 100: No. 59, Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

Not just a cultural phenomenon, but voodoo.

Boards of Canada Music has the right to children

Treble 100: No. 60, Boards of Canada – Music Has the Right to Children

The debut album by the Scottish duo is a psychedelic journey of memory and illusion

U2 The Joshua Tree

Treble 100: No. 61, U2 – The Joshua Tree

U2 looked to America, the inspiring and the infuriating, on their fifth album.

Geld interview

The no-rules hardcore of Geld

The Australian band discusses their open-ended approach, growing stable and going through hell

Tom Waits Rain Dogs

Treble 100: No. 63, Tom Waits – Rain Dogs

Tom Waits is a character mistaken for a caricature. He’s alternately viewed as whiskey-drunk boho…

Earl Sweatshirt Some Rap Songs

Treble 100: No. 64, Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs

The most personal album of Earl’s career is also his most musically innovative

Mandy Indiana interview

Mandy, Indiana want to rattle your bones

We spoke to the band’s Valentine Caulfield about caves, sirens, revolution and freedom

George Michael Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1

Treble 100: No. 65, George Michael – Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1

I have some confessions to make. My first confession is that I used to say…

best KMFDM albums

A Beginner’s Guide to the industrial rock of KMFDM

Where to start with the German industrial legends

Elliott Smith either/or Treble 100

Treble 100: No. 66, Elliott Smith – either/or

There’s real emotion on Elliott Smith’s landmark 1997 album; there’s also a musical genius having fun.

Gumm interview

Gumm are embracing hardcore’s complexities

Drew Waldon talks nuance in heavy music, diverse influences and new album ‘Slogan Machine’

M83 Saturdays=Youth Treble 100

Treble 100: No. 67, M83 – Saturdays=Youth

A love story told through Anthony Gonzalez’s nostalgic, 2008 album

Massive Attack Mezzanine Treble 100

Treble 100: No. 68, Massive Attack – Mezzanine

When the Bristol trip-hop pioneers went to their darkest places

Elvis Costello Imperial Bedroom Treble 100

Treble 100: No. 70, Elvis Costello & the Attractions – Imperial Bedroom

The album that introduced a new vocabulary to Costello’s music

Portishead Dummy

Treble 100: No. 71, Portishead – Dummy

A look back at the band’s 1994 masterpiece of a debut

Mastodon Blood Mountain

Treble 100: No. 72, Mastodon – Blood Mountain

When Mastodon perfected the art of the narrative album

King Crimson Red

Treble 100: No. 73, King Crimson – Red

The triumphant climax of the prog-rock legends’ powerful early run

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures

Treble 100: No. 74, Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

How a group of Manchester punks created a foundational goth ur-text