Autechre AE_LIVE 2022

Autechre release 7 new AE_LIVE albums

Plus more tour dates this fall

Autechre Confield vinyl

Autechre announces vinyl reissues of Confield, Draft 7.30

Two early ’00s albums from the IDM duo due out next month.


A Beginner’s Guide to the innovative electronic music of Autechre

Where to start with the innovative, unconventional electronic duo.

Artificial Intelligence reissue

Warp Records to reissue Artificial Intelligence compilation

Pioneering IDM compilation to be released on vinyl for the first time in 30 years

Warp Records: 20 Essential Albums

Warp Records: 30 Essential Albums

20 of our favorite albums from the legendary UK label.

prolaps autumnal age review

Autechre : SIGN/PLUS

In a surprising show of conciseness, the new Autechre record revealed itself to be a…

Autechre announces NTS Sessions box set

12 LPs worth of new material due later this year.

the best electronic albums of the 90s

The Top 50 Electronic Albums of the ’90s

We look back at the best beats, drones, squelches and thumps of the ’90s.

Autechre announces vinyl reissues of early albums

IDM duo’s early ’90s output being repressed.


Autechre have just releasee a five-part album, Elseq

IDM stalwarts Autechre have just released a new collection of music, a five-part series titled…

Boards of Canada

10 Essential IDM Albums

A look back at the cerebral electronic form known as IDM.

Autechre - Exai

Autechre : Exai

A long, unwieldy and seemingly willfully difficult double from long-time IDM iconoclasts.

Autechre : Untilted

Another hour of glitch ‘n twitch with Autechre!