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Phil Elverum documentary There's No End

Watch the new Phil Elverum documentary, There’s No End

Watch the new 20-minute film in its entirety

essential home-recorded albums Jessica Pratt

10 Essential Home-Recorded Albums

Masterpieces made in the living room.

Mount Eerie Julie Doiron new album Lost Wisdom Pt 2

Mount Eerie and Julie Doiron announce new album Lost Wisdom Pt. 2

Hear new track “Love Without Possession.”

the best albums of 2018

Top 50 Albums of 2018

The 50 albums we agreed whipped the most ass this year.

Mount Eerie (after) review

Mount Eerie : (after)

A live document of real grief, presented bare and without stylization.

Mount Eerie live album (after)

Mount Eerie announces live album, (after)

Hear a new live recording of “Soria Maria”.

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Mount Eerie Now only review Album of the Week

Album of the Week: Mount Eerie – Now Only

A sprawling and breathtaking document of learning to live with grief.

best albums of 2018 so far Mount Eerie

Stream the new Mount Eerie album, Now Only

Hear Phil Elverum’s latest album a week before it’s released.

Mount Eerie east coast tour

Mount Eerie’s Phil Elverum shares earnest statement about not signing autographs

“I am made uncomfortable by our tendency as humans to elevate some people while not elevating others.”

best albums of 2018 so far Mount Eerie

Mount Eerie announces new album, Now Only

Hear new track “Distortion.”

The Top 50 Albums of 2017

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Mount Eerie east coast tour

Mount Eerie announces East Coast tour dates

Phil Elverum announced more dates in support of A Crow Looked at Me.

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The best albums of March 2017

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Mount Eerie transcendentalism

The Transcendentalism of Mount Eerie

Exploring the natural world through the music of Phil Elverum.

Mount Eerie a crow looked at me review

Mount Eerie : A Crow Looked at Me

Phil Elverum documents a very real grief on this dark and intensely personal new album.