Boris vanilla video

Boris – “Vanilla”

Trippy fog effects and heavy-ass rock ‘n’ roll.

Boris announce new album Noise

Listen to blistering new track “Quicksilver.”


Beginner’s Guide: Boris

Five essential steps to hearing the Japanese metal titans.

Treble's editor airs his grievances

Pet Grief : Metal Health

A celebration of metal.


Boris announce US tour dates

Band will play “Flood” in its entirety.

Boris : New Album

Without a trace of doom.

The 90 Minute Guide to Metal

The 90 Minute Guide: Metal, Part Two

The second half of our epic journey through all things heavy.

Album of the Week Mix 2011 part 3

Album of the Week Mix: 2011, Vol. 3

Another set of recommended jams from our favorite new albums.

fucked up david comes to life review

Best of 2011, So Far: In Brief

The best records of the year’s first half, summarized in one sentence each!

Boris : Heavy Rocks

The title speaks for itself.

Boris : Attention Please

The shape of noise pop to come.

Boris Pink reissue

Boris : Pink

Perversity Series.

The Rakes' 'Capture/Release'


A whole week of Perversity reviews—late looks at some great albums from 2006 (and then some).