Brand New

The worst musical moments of 2017

Fidget spinners, Bhad Bhabies, Senate candidates and more.

Brand New cancels remaining tour dates

Group takes a step back after sexual misconduct allegations against singer Jesse Lacey.

Jesse Lacey of Brand New addresses statement about allegations of sexual misconduct

Plus Martha drops out of tour, Kevin Devine also releases statement.

best albums of August 2017

The best albums of August 2017

10 great albums from the past 30 days.

Brand New new album

Brand New’s Science Fiction is the band’s first no. 1 album

Science Fiction is also the first independently distributed album to reach number one.

Brand New new album

Stream the new Brand New album, Science Fiction

Hear the band’s first new album in eight years.

The best indie rock albums of the '00s

The 100 Best Indie Rock albums of the ’00s

The greatest sounds from a thrilling, if intangible movement.

Brand New history of emo

Out of Range: Part Three—Sowing Season

Emo gets mistaken for pop-punk, gets really popular.

Brand New EP 3 Demos Reworked

Brand New release new EP, 3 Demos Reworked

Brand New are back, touring with Modest Mouse and releasing new new music. Earlier this summer,…

Beyonce Sorry Summer Jams 2016

13 Summer Jams for 2016

It’s only the first week of summer, and at least where Treble HQ is concerned,…

Modest Mouse tour

Modest Mouse announce tour dates with Brand New

Co-headliners to trek across North America.

Treble Roundtable: Live music marathon

In this edition of the roundtable, we ask what bands we’ve seen live the most, and what their best and worst shows were.

Stream “Mene” by Brand New

First single in six years also available for download.

Bowie roundtable

Treble Roundtable : Waiting on You

The albums and events that we’re still holding out for, after all this time.

10 Essential Emo Albums

Removing the stigma from a divisive genre.