Killing Joke

Hellfest 2022 lineup

Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Converge to play Hellfest 2022

All the bands are playing. All of them.

The Top 50 Goth Songs

50 great songs from its progenitors and roots to its most radical interpretations.

Hellfest lineup

Hellfest 2020 announces lineup

Mastodon, Deftones, Faith No More, Opeth, Killing Joke and more on the lineup.

Tool tour dates

Tool announce tour dates with Killing Joke

The band lines up dates in support of their long-awaited new album.

Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman announces spoken word “Off On A Tangent” tour dates

“Jaz invites questions about his philosophy, musical endeavours, occult sciences, and views on anything and everything.”

Top 100 post-punk albums

The Top 100 Post-Punk Albums

100 albums that transformed punk into a dark, experimental art form.

Killing Joke tour canceled

Tourmates The Soft Moon still touring, releasing remix album.

Shadow of the Horns: Metal albums for Halloween

A roundup of the best metal albums for Halloween, as we get ready to carve pumpkins and summon the dark lord.

Killing Joke Pylon review

Killing Joke : Pylon

The post-punk legends continue to refine their increasingly heavy sound as they approach 40 years.

Bjork Iceland albums

10 Essential Iceland albums

The Treble world tour takes a plane over to Europe’s westernmost nation.

Killing Joke singles collection

Killing Joke : The Singles Collection β€” 1979-2012

UK post-punk titans reveal three decades of venom and power on their new double-disc singles comp.

Industrial pioneers Ministry

10 Essential Industrial Albums

The noisiest top 10 we’ve run all year.