Terrifying albums - Nightmare soundtracks

Nightmare Soundtracks: 25 Terrifying Albums

An extra-spooky soundtrack for Halloween

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A History of Industrial Music in 45 Songs

A 45-song trip through music at its most extreme.

Pharmakon Bestial Burden Blood on the Tracks

Pharmakon’s “Bestial Burden” is a harrowing dirge of survival

The sound of a struggle for survival against one’s own body.

Top 150 Albums of the 2010s

The 150 albums we love most from 2010-2019.

Pharmakon self-regulating system

Pharmakon announces European tour dates

The industrial noise artists heads across the Atlantic.

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Treble Roundtable: Horror Soundtrack Wishlist

A fantasy horror-soundtrack wishlist of artists we know would give us serious nightmares.

Best Albums of August 2019 Jay Som

The Best Albums of August 2019

Our favorite records from the past 30 days.

Pharmakon Devour review

Album of the Week: Pharmakon – Devour

A noise/industrial album that’s appropriate to our times in ways other albums simply aren’t.

The Worst Song Podcast

The Worst Song: Heavy Metal

Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom, Crust and…Nu? There’s a lot of metal out there in…

Pharmakon self-regulating system

Pharmakon finds a new rhythm on “Self-Regulating System”

The closest Pharmakon’s come to a certifiable banger.

Pharmakon new album Devour

Pharmakon announces new album, Devour

Hear new track “Self-Regulating System.”

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Treble Roundtable: Halloween party essentials

We discuss the songs we always queue up on All Hallow’s Eve.

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10 Creepy Cover Songs

10 songs twisted, stretched and mangled into peculiar, haunting shapes.

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The best albums of March 2017

An inaugural round-up of the best releases of the month.

Pharmakon Contact review

Pharmakon : Contact

A noisy and chaotic mirror reflection of our own depravity.

best electronic albums of 2017 Pharmakon

Pharmakon shares new track, “No Natural Order”

Hear another blistering industrial track from Margaret Chardiet’s latest.