Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens Javelin review

Sufjan Stevens – Javelin

A breathtaking meditation on grief built into rich, progressive art pop songwriting

Sufjan Stevens

Best New Releases, October 6: Sufjan Stevens, Mary Lattimore, and more

Plus Slauson Malone, Daniel Villarreal, The Keening, Vanishing Twin, Axis: Sova, Truth Club, and archival releases from Joni Mitchell and Heatmiser

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The 20 Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2023

A roundup of fall releases going straight to the top of our must-hear lists

Sufjan Stevens Reflections review

Sufjan Stevens, Timo Andres and Conor Hanick : Reflections

A new set of ballet compositions that reveals a brief but kaleidoscopic vision

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The 50 Best Albums of 2003

Looking back at the best albums from 20 years ago

Sufjan Stevens Timo Andres Conor Hanick

Sufjan Stevens announces new ballet score, Reflections

The score for the Justin Peck-choreographed performance features pianists Timo Andres and Conor Hanick

Sufjan Stevens John Wayne Gacy Jr.

Sufjan Stevens’ “John Wayne Gacy Jr.” highlights the banality of evil

Unless you experienced it firsthand, Sufjan Stevens‘ “50 States” project probably sounds like a bizarre…

The 150 Best Songs of the 2000s

We revisit the 2000s to once again survey its greatest musical moments

Sufjan Stevens beginner's mind

Sufjan Stevens and Angelo de Augustine announce new album, A Beginner’s Mind

Hear two new tracks, “Reach Out” and “Olympus”

Sufjan Stevens Convocations review

Sufjan Stevens : Convocations

A lengthy yet deeply moving meditation on grief through five ambient sets.

Sufjan Stevens Revelation II

Hear Sufjan Stevens’ “Revelation II,” from upcoming Convocations collection

Hear the latest excerpt from Stevens’ 2.5-hour, five-volume series.

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Top 20 Electronic Albums of 2020

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best electronic albums of 2020 Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens – The Ascension

Stevens offers new challenges with his new electronics-tinged work, as well as a heavier emphasis on protest-inspired lyrics.

Stream new albums out today from Sufjan Stevens, Bob Mould, Prince

Another new album release Friday is upon us, and that means there’s a lot of…

The Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2020

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