albums for history class

10(+2) albums for History class

A soundtrack for your next cram session.

Treble loves the '80s

The Top 200 Songs of the ’80s

The greatest songs from the decade that gave us Max Headroom and “Where’s the Beef?”

U2 : The Unforgettable Fire: Deluxe Edition

U2’s 1984 classic gets expanded on its 25th anniversary.

Joy Division

The 90-Minute Guide: Post-Punk

Twenty-four tracks of agitated glory from one of music’s most inspired eras.

U2 : No Line on the Horizon

Shaking Baby‘s blues.

Rivers Cuomo rocking out


Looking back on some records we missed in ’07.

Joe Strummer

Life on Shuffle: Soul is Hard to Find

Another surrender to the randomness of 10 songs out of 20,000

Life on Shuffle: Part 3: Goin’ Against Your Mind

Another excursion into the random.

U2 : ZOO TV: Live from Sydney DVD

Recorded document of one of the biggest tours ever.

U2 : War

Best of 1983

U2 : Boy

Personal Best 1980.

Truly Great '85

Truly Great: 1985

Treble reminisces about one of the best years in music, and how it gave us many songs to learn and sing.

U2 : How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Doing it family style for 25 years.